LED Downlights - a new trend in Architectural Lighting

With advancements in lighting technology, LED downlighting is now an exciting option for architects, developers, specifiers,facilities managers and builders. Dramatically reduced energy use, colour corrected light and very long lifetimes all combine to help LED downlighting bring a modern dimension to home and office lighting.

There is no doubt that a well-placed LED downlight can create a sophisticated, elegant and highly customised look in commercial or residential buildings. With near perfect lighting effects offered by higher CRI values, LED downlights depict an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Add a dimmable function and not only is light output adjusted to fit any desired mood but energy consumption is further reduced and LED lifespan lengthened in the process.

In domestic and office environments LED downlights can be used in bedrooms, sitting rooms, reception areas, display cases, cabinets, offices, art displays, bars, hotels and lobbies. With higher colour rendering index versions (LED devices are now available at over 90CRI) the true value of this form of energy saving technology is also applicable to commercial retail and hospital treatment environments where true colour of items and objects is a specific requirement.

So why are LED downlights becoming so popular in architectural lighting applications? Beyond mere aesthetics, the inherent attributes of LEDs and their resultant benefits are compelling. These include:

  • Lifespan: LED downlights are ultra-durable with an achievable lifetime of over 100,000 hours, which is roughly equivalent to a lifespan of 20-25 years with normal usage.
  • Temperature: LED downlights produce less heat than traditional lights increasing safety and further reducing running costs of secondary equipment such as air conditioning.
  • Energy Efficiency: With the high efficacy and long lifetime of LED downlights, energy savings of over 80% can be achieved when replacing conventional recessed lights and incandescent lights.
  • Maintenance: The long lifespan of LED downlights greatly reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement.
  • Light Quality: LEDs for lighting applications have been designed to achieve a warm, white light with high colour rendering index (CRI) described as "eye comfortable". This light brings out the details of the decor, subtly improving aesthetics and mood.
  • Health and Safety: LEDs emit no ultraviolet rays or toxic substances, such as the mercury found in fluorescent lighting, minimising environmental hazards and heightening the overall "green" aspect of any space. Moreover, the lack of Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet rays emitted by LEDs means the light is healthier and less harsh, putting inhabitants at ease.


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