How much could you save?

LED lighting technology can offer astonishing energy savings of over 80% in some cases. It is not difficult to run a mental calculation that replacing a 50W Halogen downlight with a 10W LED downlight with a comparable light output will give you savings of that order.

However, not all 10W LED downlights consume 10W of power and it is important that manufacturer claims are checked carefully along with key criteria such as the efficiency of the driver (power supply), light output and running temperature of the light units all of which can have a dramatic impact on performance and lifetime of the product.

LED Evolution lighting products operate at low temperatures using highly efficient power supplies delivering high lumen/watt output and optimum lifespans. These claims are independently tested and certified by bodies such as the British Standards Institute and CREE. Based on this independently verified data, an accurate estimate can be made of the energy and maintenance savings available along with the installation pay-back period. Click on the link below to use LED Evolution's Energy Saving Calculator to calculate the savings available in your application.



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